Saturday, October 18, 2008

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Monday, October 13, 2008

More St. George Pictures from Lindsey

Showing off our awesome prizes from the fun center

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another wonderful weekend in St. George

Once again, we had a grand ole time in St. George! We left Thursday after work and stopped in Fillmore to grab a bite to eat (about 2 hours into our 4 hour trip) at this cute Mom and Pop diner. We were tempted to get their delicious shakes but decided to get them on our way back home, completely forgetting that they would be closed on Sunday. WHAT WAS I THINKING!! We rode down there with Jeff and Molly and would meet Nate and Lindsey there early Friday afternoon.
Friday morning, Jesse and Jeff made us some yummy french toast and bacon. But we couldn't eat until we got the new silverware out of it's packaging. This sounds like a normal house to cute it so and easy task but it was packaged ridiculously tight! There was no room to slip scissors or a knife to cut the cords holding the utensils. There was nothing small and sharp in the house that we could use so we had to use the BBQ knife that looked like a masheti knife. After 20 minutes of carving and Jesse cutting himself, we were able to eat our breakfast. To try and pass the time until the Palmer's came, we went to the bowling alley where I dominated in 2 games, and won in pool :)

Nate and Lindsey met up with us there and we went to the "Fun Center" where we had a lot more fun and I dominated in put put golf (it was my weekend, what can I say). I even got a hole in one! holla! Lindsey and Nate got a hole in one too :)

We had dinner at Olive Garden and then went back to the house to hit up the hot tub! It was a bit nippy in St. George this weekend so the hot tub was fantastic. The boys showed off their manhood and jumped into the freezing pool. Let's just say I've never seen anybody get out of a pool that quickly :)

After tubbing, we went to Cold Stone and had some yummy ice cream. I know it didn't make much sense with it being cold but it was so worth it! We went back home and my domination of games continued. We played Sequence (boys vs. girls) and we are still undefeated! You think they would have learned by now :) We also played Cranium and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Jesse had to act out Queen Elisabeth without saying names or places. So this is what came out of his mouth...(in a high pitched voice while putting is fist in mid air like he was holding on to a rod): "Hellooooooo! I am someone of great importance! Come on in.... serve me! HAHAHAHA!!!! After guessing royalty, he finally said he was a woman and I guessed it right. The game was halted for a good 5 minutes while we all laughed until our stomachs hurt. It was about 2:30am and none of us were really tired (except Molly) so Lindsey and I tried to go rent a movie at the red box down the street. That one was broken so we went across the street to McD's. Only the drive through was open but we were determined to get a movie so I knocked on the drive through window and the guy came out looking at me like I was crazy and told me he couldn't let me in to get the dvd. So Lindsey and I went home and watched Notting Hill on a tiny VHS tv. It was awesome :)
Saturday morning the boys went golfing and the girls went shopping. After shopping, we went back to McD's to get a dvd to watch while waiting for the boys to get home. We ended up watching "Made of Honor" and I was disappointed to say that I wasn't really impressed. The boys came home half way through and it was funny to see how each of them took the movie. Nate fell asleep, Jesse watched uncomfortably, and Jeff waited until the end to sing sarcastic praises that it was over.
The girls started getting ready for the dinner and the Les Miserables show we were going to see at the Tuacahn theater (Lindsey and I had already seen it, but it was so worth going again). Lindsey had colored my hair a deep auburn color a few days before our trip and she did my hair again for our ladies night. I'm so mad I didn't take pictures of it after she was done b/c the weather ruined it by the time I got to take pictures. So we all went to Chili's for dinner and "surprisingly" enough the BYU football game was on! Coincidence that the boys picked Chili's??.... I think not!
The weather for the show was FREEZING but we brought enough blankets and Lindsey got us all hot chocolate. We wrapped our feet with one blanket and our bodies in another one. I couldn't feel my toes the first half of the show but was nice and toasty the second half. Molly put on socks when we got there to wear with her flip flops. We sat in the second row this time and it was awesome! I got to see all the actor's faces this time! Jaime did a amazing job as usual. She played one of the lead roles the week prior and I was bummed that I missed it but the show was still amazing!

The boys bought the 4th season of "The Office" and were watching it when we got back so we joined them for a few episodes and went to bed.
Sunday morning was mainly cleaning and laundry. We watched almost all of the Office while we were waiting for the laundry to be dried. Nate and Lindsey left about 5 minutes before we did and we ended up passing them on the freeway about 15 minutes into the trip home. We even stopped for a potty break and gas fill up and we still were about 5 minutes ahead of Nate and Lindsey for lunch. Jeffry is kind of a fast driver :) We all stopped in Fillmore for some lunch at Larry's Drive In and reminisced about our great trip and how sad we were that it was cold. Jeff was trying to convince everyone to turn around and drive back to St. George :)
Thanks Jeppson's and Palmer's for a awesome weekend! We Love you guys!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Just wanted to say thank you to all my family and friends that left me messages for my birthday :) Being away from my family isn't always easy so days like this where I get to hear from a lot of you makes it a lot easier.
The day was pretty relaxing, being Sunday and all. I got my favorite show on DVD so I got to watch it in between conference sessions while Jesse was sleeping (from getting home from work so late). After the final session of conference, we went to my in-laws house where they had a birthday dinner for me. It was a great day! Thanks again everyone!