Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My in-laws neighbor, Charlie, told me that one of the actors from "Twilight" was going to be at Walmart signing the DVD's that would go on sale at midnight. Of course I had to go considering my unhealthy obsession of everything that is Twilight. My friend Candice and I got there around 10:30pm and found Charlie in line. She had been there since 8pm and let us cut in front. Apparently, more people showed up to that location than any of the other locations in the nation! The woman who played "Victoria" was the actress that we were goign to meet. A lot of people were thinking that Edward was goigng to surprise everyone so I decided to play a mean joke and shout out "Oh my gosh!! It's EDWARD!!" as loud as I could. Some people laughed, most gave me the death stare...I thought it was funny :) When I finally got to meet Victoria, I was a little star struck. She was only supposed to sign for the first 200 people but she was so grateful to everyone that showed up that she signed for 1000! I thanked her for coming and asked her how her hand was. She replied "It's actually my cheeks that hurt the most. I've never smiled this much! I have everything int he world to smile about right now. Thank you so much for coming!" I couldn't believe how friendly she was to EVERY person that same up to her. Suffice to say, her picture is currently the background on my cell phone :)

Sick Nasty

My little brother Andrew (who isn't so little anymore) and his girlfriend Lauren, came to visit us and we had a blast with them. There were only 2 things Andrew wanted to do while he was here, go snowboarding for the first time, and go to eat at the Rodizio Grill. He likes to call it "the place that serves meat on a sword." Since I had to work on Tuesday, Andrew would drive Jesse to work so that he could have the car and not be stuck at home. He and Lauren went shopping and saw a movie. When I came home, Andrew was jamming out on guitar hero. I like to think the only reason he is better than I am is because of his long Edward Scissorhands fingers, but he is just better than me.
Wednesday afternoon, we got ready to do the night boarding at the Brighton resort. We got there around 4pm when it starts but it took us FOREVER to get all of our gear on, especially Andrew's boat-sized boots that made his toes hang over his already extra large board. After about 3 runs on the bunny hill (slope for beginners), we went up to the top and had some good runs. Lauren had gone boarding before so she was doing great. Andrew....not so much. He ended up falling a lot, but he has the Martins blood in him so he kept chugging along. He tried to do the hell-toe carving but wasn't too successful. On top of that, he wasn't very good at putting on the brakes when he found himself going to fast. See the video at the end of the post to see what I'm talking about. Jesse and I did a few runs together while Andrew and Lauren took a break. I took my first "jump" and got my board a whole 2 feet off the ground! How about them apples Shawn White! Our last run, I decided to go through some trees. I thought Jesse was behind me but he went through a different set of trees. I ended up flying through what I thought was good path and ended up knee deep in powder, pitch dark b/c I had stranded so far from the slopes, and scared out of my mind. I had to dig myself out, unlock from my board, and hike my way back. When I found my way back to the actual slope path. I locked back into my board and made my way to the bottom. The anger I had at Jesse for leaving me soon went away when I found out that he went hiking back up the mountain scared that something happened to me.
Thursday was Jesse's birthday and he wanted to stay home. We played an intense game of monopoly. I really don't know how I lost considering I had the most property in the beginning. It might have something to so with the fact that I didn't land on any purchasable land after I had 4 properties!
On Friday, Andrew and Lauren wanted to go boarding again so they went by themselves. I warned Andrew to go slow and be careful. About 2 hours after they left, I get a call from my dad saying that Andrew was injured and at the urgent care facility. He had a 3rd degree tear of his AC joint in his shoulder and his arm was in a sling. The xray was pretty bad. You could see and feel his bone sticking up!
Saturday's events were limited b/c of Andrew's shoulder so we just went to Rodizio to eat and stayed home. Jesse wanted a rematch in monopoly after losing to Lauren the first time. After having more money than the bank, Jesse ended up winning. I came in second place this time so I redeemed myself!
We spent Sunday morning helping them get ready to leave and driving them to the airport. We had a blast with them and hope they come back soon!