Saturday, November 29, 2008


Jesse's favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is play football. He gets a bunch of his friends and play for like 3 hours! I went to the field and became the embarrassing wife snapping photos. Oh well...he will appreciate it one day :) Afterwards, we had our wonderful family dinner at his parents house. We all took naps as we do every Thanksgiving after eating all that food, then continued the tradition by going to watch a movie that night. We usually see Harry Potter but since that isn't coming out until this summer (piece of crap), we settled for Transporter 3. Jesse and I thought it was AWEFUL! The fighting scenes were cool, but the acting was sub par. The Russian chick bothered the crap out of me. I wouldn't mind it if I never saw her in a movie again :)
Dan (baby blue shorts), Josh (red beanie), and Jesse (white pants)

Dan just tackeled the quarterback...GO DAN!
Boys after playing football...time to go eat!!
Abby and her auntie Rachel playing with the doctor toys
We were all playing a game and we looked over to Abby, who was watching Finding Nemo for the millionth time, and her butt cheek was haing out! HAHA! isn't it the cutest butt cheeck you have ever seen?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Abby's LONG hair!

In case anyone was wondering what Abby's hair would look like if it was straight, here ya go! In my defense, it doesn't look fantastic b/c she was moving a lot.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Playing at the Park

It was such a beautiful day today that Jesse and I decided to take Abby to the park. She had a blast! Her favorite part was the swing. She just laughed the entire time she was on it. She followed a little girl around the park for a little while. She was happy to see a "tiny person" like her :) She really liked going down the slides and was fearless when she got to the big ones. We insisted that she stayed on the little ones but we couldn't keep her away. We have yet to find something that Abby is scared of! When it was time to leave, Abby was NOT happy. I feel kind like a mean mom for posting the video of her temper tantrum but it was too funny to pass up. Enjoy!

Look at her hair form the static! HAHA!

Fight Night

We got together with some of our friend's to watch the UFC fights. The whole family wore UFC shirts that Josh (Jesse's brother) sent to us. Abby of course was so happy that Crew was there that she really didn't pay attention to anything else the entire night. Lindi (Crew's Mom) and I played with the kiddie's and talked about twilight. We had such a good time! Crew and Abby were giving each other a lot of kisses (see video below) so Jesse gave Crew "the talk" and Crew didn't kiss Abby anymore. Unfortunately, he gave Crew the talk during the video so we only have one kiss on the video. The they decided to have a cell phone conversation with each other. They just kept passing the phone between each other saying "HI!" It was so cute! Crew is talking a TON and he can sing "ring around the rosie" really well. You can hear him singing in the video.

Shopping with Abby

So the next few posts actually happened a few weeks ago but I have been lazy and haven't updated in a while.
My parents wanted to buy Abby her first snow suit so we went to the baby gap where Jesse said he saw a really cute suit for her. Then we saw a sale on jeans at the Childrens Place so we HAD to get some of those :) As we were checking out, Jesse found the CUTEST little hat for bad she will only wear it for a minute then pull it off!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I finally figured out how to put a twilight picture for my background! I know that it's lame but I LOVE the books and i'm so excited about the movie (hence the twilight countdown clock on my blog.) I'm a sucker for romance and vampires....especially that Edward. YUMMY!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gimme some candy or I'll sting you!

So after a few costume ideas, we finally got a costume for Abby that we liked. Jesse has been wanting to turn Abby into a gangster rapper/pimp for Halloween since last year, but I still vetoed the idea. Something about a fur coat, cane, and chains around her neck threw me off :) For a day I thought about making her Renesme from the Twilight books but that might be a little difficult and a lot of people would be asking who she was. Then Jesse found a Superwoman costume that I was ALL excited about, but the costume was too "fancy" for a few hours of dress up. A friend of ours had a bumblebee costume that was too cute to pass up when we had Abby try it on. So......I present to you, my little baby bumblebee :) (The witch costume at the end was a little fun thing that Bonnie saw and thought Abby would like to play dress up in)