Monday, June 29, 2009

Raging Waters

This past Saturday, we went to Raging waters with the Tripp Family. Brandon and Jesse have been friends since they were 5. It was really cute to see them walk around the park holding their own kids knowing they have been friends for so long.
Abby had a blast and wasn't afraid of the slides. We were a little worried about her and the water but it was warm and she loved it! She walked around the park holding hands with Crew (her little boyfriend) the entire day and everyone that past them made some sort of comment about how cute they were. Crew also went around the park picking flowers for Abby saying, "so pretty Abby!" Lindsi and I got to lay out for a bit. It really helped since I was 3 different colors and haven't seen my natural skin tone in forever! Thanks Brandon, Lindsi, and Crew for a great day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Abby Update

Here are some new pictures of Abby and a little update as to what she is doing lately.
Abby is as sassy as ever. :) She has got such a fun personality. Sometimes it gets a little much but for the most part I end up laughing or smiling at her all day. She loves to play with Lily, her cousin that I nanny for. However, she is TERRIBLE at sharing. Even if it's Lily's toys, Abby won't let her touch it and will usually throw a fit when she does. We are working on it :)
Abby is also potty training. I never thought my patience would be tested as much as it has been these past few weeks. I am very proud of her though. She went to the bathroom at her Mima's house for the first time last week, but unfortunately hasn't gone since. I'm trying to entice her to going by offering her candy but it isn't working. She goes on the toilet, does a little pushing sound and says "All done! Lollypop?" She is getting better about letting me put her there so I'll just keep trying to be patient. We got her some Disney princess pull ups and she loves them! Hopefully it won't be a big deal when we move her from the pull ups to regular underwear. Hopefully I can find some princess undies to make the transition a little smoother :)

Relay for Life Update

So in case anyone was wondering how the relay went, it was interesting to say the least. The relay was in front of Immigration Canyon and the weather was AWFUL! I thought the wind was going to blow people away. My scheduled time to run/walk was from 12-1am. The weather was so bad that the officials ordered everyone into their tents until it calmed down. The course was wet, muddy, and cold. Heidi (our team captain), her fiance Ryan, and I were the only ones there from 12-3am when I left. We got out and did a few laps around when we could. It was a good thing Ryan brought his tent that could have survived the Apocalypse! We stayed relatively warm and comfortable in our little fortress of solitude. Later that morning, the officials announced that the relay had raised a little over $41,000!! Thanks to all of you who supported me with this wonderful cause!

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon Trailer

I'm so stinkin excited for this movie! HECK YES!