Friday, July 24, 2009

New Moon Sneak Peeks!!

Here are some videos from the Comic Con convention where 2 scenes of New Moon were shown! Can't wait!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A much needed family vacation

This past weekend, Jesse, Abby, and I went to St. George. We had a blast! It was so nice to be able to spend time together just the 3 of us. We arrived on Thursday night and just crashed. Friday morning we made plans to go swimming, have lunch, and then see Harry Potter.
The pool was AMAZING with the water being the perfect temperature. With St. George being at a comfortable 113 degrees, the 2 hours we spent in the pool was time well spent. I got the tan that I wanted so my trip by Friday morning was already well worth it :) For lunch we went to this yummy cafe called 25th and Main. They have the typical sandwiches, soups, and salads...but people come in for their cupcakes! they are the most delicious little cupcakes I've ever had! People will come in and just order BOXES of these :) We thought that if we filled Abby up on food and kept her up until the movie, she would nap through it. We even got her a little box of popcorn, candy, and a drink. She was good for about 30 minutes then it was terrible from then on. She would sing, try to talk tot he guy next to me, and try to run out of the aisle. Jesse was a champion and would tend to her little fits since he knew I was a huge fan of the books and movies. So needless to say, we will never try to bring Abby to a movie ever again.
That night we just ordered some chinese food and stayed at the house to play with Abby. We watched "Push" when she went to bed. It was a mediocre at best.
Saturday we took Abby to Jumping Jacks. I've never seen Abby have so much fun. I'll admit that I got teary eyed watching her run around. Time goes by so quickly. Abby impressed us even more than she normally does when she fearlessly climbed up steep, slippery steps all by herself. Most of the kids that we on these were at least 5 years old but Abby insisted on climbing. Again, very impressed.
Jesse and I had our own little bit of fun trying to beat the other in completing a mini obstacle course in the least amount of time. After 3 times each, I had the best time of 6.66 seconds, however, I paid a price for my victory. Whiplash and a dirty look from a 60 year old was the reward for my W. We had some pizza that night for dinner as we watched Bully Beatdown on MTV. Neither of us had ever seen it before but we enjoyed it quite a bit. Bully's were given $10,000 to fight a professional MMA fighter. In the first round they had 3 minutes and would lose $1k every time they tapped. In the second round, which was also 3 minutes, they would lose the last 5k if they were knocked out or if the ref had to stop it. It was hilarious to see these bully's actually think they could win, then eat a big slice of humble pie when they had to hand over the $10k to the people they always picked on.
Sunday was mostly cleaning and getting ready to leave. The drive back was really fun with Jesse and I singing songs together and watching Abby sing her own songs :) Thanks for the wonderful vacation Hunny! I Love you!

A warning: The picture quality is really bad. My camera broke so I had to use my camera phone.

Cinnamon Buns Ice cream....SO YUMMY!

Our mini obstacle course

Showing off her strength
Abby wanted to punch the scary dinosaur