Saturday, September 27, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

With all 29 pictures and 34 videos, this will probably be the longest post ever. As a early birthday gift, Jerry and Bonnie got me 3rd row tickets to go to the "So You Think You Can Dance" concert with Rachel. It was AMAZING! It really should be illegal for people to be able to move like that. On top of that, it's unfair that they make it look so easy. I won't write a lot about my experience because you can hear my screaming in most of the videos below, so it is pretty obvious that I had an awesome time. There were 3 dancers from Utah. Chelsea the blond ballroom dancer, Gev the break dancer, and Thayne the contemporary dancer. Gev was hilarious! He was dressed in women's clothing at some points in the concert. His argument was that the girls outfits were always more flattering :) HAHA! WARNING.....EXCESSIVE SCREAMING. (In my defense, it wasn't ALL me. Some of it was Rachel, and as a punishment I still have a little bit of a froggy voice.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Play Date with Crew

Today we had a last minute play date with Abby's boyfriend Crew. My Jeep was getting some maintenance done and my friend Lindsi was a saint and picked me up from the shop so I wouldn't have to wait there 2 hours with a toddler! Abby was so excited to see Crew. She gave him a open mouthed kiss. It was a little promiscuous but still cute :) When you are looking at her pictures, check out her new DC shoes....they are so stinking cute! Later, we gave her a bath and she put on a show. Here are the pics and video to document the day. Enjoy!

Monday, September 8, 2008

What I Love About Sundays

I love how relaxing Sunday's are. Today we went to church and took our usual nap. Abby decided to be awesome and nap for 2 hours, so me and Jesse followed suit. Jesse and I decided to make cookies because we both had a sweet tooth. Well, in the middle of the baking, Jesse challenges me to some golf and horse shoes. We have a horse show pit that we try to chip golf balls into and whoever gets closest to the pin wins. It sounds lame but it really is a lot of fun. well we forgot about the first batch of cookies that were in the oven so you can only guess how those came out. The second batch came out perfect but my neighbor Lindsey told me that I could only return the plate that I borrowed if it had some treats. So, the second batch went to her. When I got home, the third batch

was seconds away from being done, but I later found out that Jesse put it in 2 minutes longer because it looked gooey (not knowing the perfect 2nd batch was gooey, then cooled and settled to perfection.) So, the 3rd batch stunk too. So we had a total of 4 good cookies out of 36 that we made. I probably would have had more if Jesse didn't keep sneaking into the kitchen and stealing the raw cookie dough :) Gotta love Sundays!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

St. George Fun!

For Labor Day weekend we went to the St. George house for the first time since it's been completely done and furnished. It was so much fun! It was definitely a change from the Salt Lake weather. We were lucky that it had rained before we got there so it cooled down a bit, but it was still burning my poor chocolate skin :( So suffice to say, my nice even tan that I got in my 2 week trip to Boston has now been ruined by 3 days in St. George!
Jesse and I drove down with his dad (Jerry), Josh, Jesse's older brother, was already there from LA, and Jesse's Mom (Bonnie) and his brother Dan and his wife Jodi drove down later that day. We got there around 3pm and I got to go to lunch with an old friend (Jaime) from my singles ward in Tampa, who just so happened to be in the Les Miserables play that we would be seeing on Saturday, and her son Hudson. We ate at this cute little cafe and Abby loved the cupcakes they had there. I'm mad because I forgot to take pictures at lunch! It's a shame too because Hudson is ADORABLE! He's about 4 weeks older than Abby and she was trying to give him kisses while sitting next to him in the high chair. I really don't know where she gets it from ;)
That night we went to eat at the Pasta Factory (YUMMY!) and then we went home and basically crashed for the night to prepare for our big day.
Saturday morning, Jerry made his famous pancakes. I will not divulge how many I ate, let's just say I'm ashamed. Afterwards the boys went golfing for 5 hours while the ladies went shopping at the fabulous outlet stores. I picked up my first modest bathing suit since joining the church (don't judge me) and I'm quite pleased with it.Of course we bought some baby clothes! The one thing that I love to shop for :) After our quick but successful hour and a half shopping excursion, we went home, ate lunch, and watched "Definitely Maybe", a movie I recommend if you haven't seen it yet. Abby laid with grandma for a little while reading before she would go down for a nap.
The boys came home and Jesse gave me the rundown of the day's events. So proud of him for coming in first :) (Wouldn't have happened if I was there but whatever.) Poor Josh got a nasty burn on his arm but was a trooper the entire weekend.
We went to a Mexican restaurant in town for dinner and it was delicious. Abby was admired by some old ladies in the waiting area. It was pretty funny hearing them talk about her hair like it was a 9th world wonder.
After dinner, Bonnie, Jodi, and I went to the Les Miserables show at the Tuacahn theater. I've never done anything remotely close to theater or broadway in my life so this was an awesome experience. I knew before the show started that I was going to have a good time because they had frozen pink lemonades! I was already full from dinner, but once again, I made the decision with my eyes and not my brain. I was hooked on the show from the first opening act. The beautiful mountain behind the theater served as a backdrop for the stage. Everyone in the show was so talented and I was so proud of Jaime. The only disappointment was that she was going to be one of the lead roles a week after we would leave, but she did an amazing job in the ensemble. She was a performing artist with her sister Andrea (group was named AJA) so this seemed like a piece of cake for her. Anyway, if anyone is going there at anytime, HIGHLY recommend the play.

Me and Jaime. My hair poofed so much I looked like a poodle but this was the only picture I took of her so oh well.

Sunday we went to Zion's National Park, much to Josh's dismay. We couldn't do much hiking or see many of the sites because we had Abby, but Bonnie was insisting we take a family photo so we went up to the Weeping Rock and after a few tries, got a pretty decent one.

Monday morning we went to the St. George Temple before we began our drive home. It was so beautiful!

So that concludes me first ever post. Sorry it was so long but it was way overdue. I mean who makes a blog in May and doesn't touch it until September??...oh wait...that would be me :)


So....I was trying to get my playlist on my profile and somehow my entire blog changed and was no longer viewable. After 2 frustrating hours of trying to restore it the way it used to be, I had to delete it :( So I'm still trying to get our pictures from St. George up and I'm working on it right now. I just didn't want my blog to be completely bare so here is my first posting for my second blog! grrr!