Monday, September 8, 2008

What I Love About Sundays

I love how relaxing Sunday's are. Today we went to church and took our usual nap. Abby decided to be awesome and nap for 2 hours, so me and Jesse followed suit. Jesse and I decided to make cookies because we both had a sweet tooth. Well, in the middle of the baking, Jesse challenges me to some golf and horse shoes. We have a horse show pit that we try to chip golf balls into and whoever gets closest to the pin wins. It sounds lame but it really is a lot of fun. well we forgot about the first batch of cookies that were in the oven so you can only guess how those came out. The second batch came out perfect but my neighbor Lindsey told me that I could only return the plate that I borrowed if it had some treats. So, the second batch went to her. When I got home, the third batch

was seconds away from being done, but I later found out that Jesse put it in 2 minutes longer because it looked gooey (not knowing the perfect 2nd batch was gooey, then cooled and settled to perfection.) So, the 3rd batch stunk too. So we had a total of 4 good cookies out of 36 that we made. I probably would have had more if Jesse didn't keep sneaking into the kitchen and stealing the raw cookie dough :) Gotta love Sundays!


Josh said...

So, I gotta know...who got closest?
P.S. Very cute picture of Abby

Nat and Grant said...

I love days like that! And I'm really jealous of your yard! It looks so big and your lawn looks great:)