Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gimme some candy or I'll sting you!

So after a few costume ideas, we finally got a costume for Abby that we liked. Jesse has been wanting to turn Abby into a gangster rapper/pimp for Halloween since last year, but I still vetoed the idea. Something about a fur coat, cane, and chains around her neck threw me off :) For a day I thought about making her Renesme from the Twilight books but that might be a little difficult and a lot of people would be asking who she was. Then Jesse found a Superwoman costume that I was ALL excited about, but the costume was too "fancy" for a few hours of dress up. A friend of ours had a bumblebee costume that was too cute to pass up when we had Abby try it on. So......I present to you, my little baby bumblebee :) (The witch costume at the end was a little fun thing that Bonnie saw and thought Abby would like to play dress up in)





bennett said...

what a cute bee! :)

Nat and Grant said...

She is the cutest little bumble bee. Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween. You are so good about posting videos, Drake always comes over to watch them when I'm lookin at your blog!

Ashley Clark said...

Cute little bumble! I'm glad you guys had good halloween. She looked adorable!

Nate & Lindsey said...

She looks pretty darn cute. It looks like you had a great Halloween.

Isaac Family said...

She looks so cute Kimmie! Looks like you guys had a great Halloween!