Monday, November 17, 2008

Fight Night

We got together with some of our friend's to watch the UFC fights. The whole family wore UFC shirts that Josh (Jesse's brother) sent to us. Abby of course was so happy that Crew was there that she really didn't pay attention to anything else the entire night. Lindi (Crew's Mom) and I played with the kiddie's and talked about twilight. We had such a good time! Crew and Abby were giving each other a lot of kisses (see video below) so Jesse gave Crew "the talk" and Crew didn't kiss Abby anymore. Unfortunately, he gave Crew the talk during the video so we only have one kiss on the video. The they decided to have a cell phone conversation with each other. They just kept passing the phone between each other saying "HI!" It was so cute! Crew is talking a TON and he can sing "ring around the rosie" really well. You can hear him singing in the video.