Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Holiday Season

After Abby and I got back from Florida, the fun and activities continued. Josh and his girlfriend Alexza came from California and we had a blast!
We went tubing at this place where you would attach your tube to a line that would take you to the top of a hill. We had snowball fights up the hill, but I wasn't very smart and threw snow that was more like ice. At one point I hit Jesse in the face while he was laying on the tube with his eyes closed. He didn't speak to me for a while but I deserved it. Another stupid moment that was my fault :( Up until that moment, everything was hunky dorey. We attached our tubed together and went down the hill, all 6 of us. Jesse decided to get off his tube and climb on top of Josh on the way down. It was funny when the ride was done but I was freaking out on the way down.
We had a wonderful dinner at Jesse's parents house for Christmas Eve. It's a tradition in the family to read the Christmas story and sing songs. Christmas morning we all woke up and opened our presents and then went to Grandma and Grandpa's house, another family tradition.
For New Years we went down to the house in St. George. I forgot my camera but we had a great time. Jesse took me out to dinner while Bonnie and Jerry took care of Abby. It was so nice to spend some alone time with Jesse. When we got home, we started watching "Eagle Eye", but we all fell asleep. The next morning, Jerry, Jesse, and I went to play some golf. It was so beautiful in St. George and the perfect weather for it.