Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun with the Smyths

Jesse and I went to the killers concert with Lindsey and Adam and it was a blast! I had no idea who they were, but Adam being the good sport that he, sang one of their popular songs to me. I recognized the song immediately from our "Guitar Hero" game, but he looked like he was having a lot of fun singing so I let him continue :)
Not only did Adam's company hook us up with free tickets, but we got to sit in the luxury box fully equipped with with drinks, snacks, food, couch, etc. Basically a hungry pregnant woman's dream :) Considering I had no idea who the performers were, I had such a great time, and the music was FANTASTIC! And to top things off, they had a "k" in the front of their stage that had lights on it. I was thinking of ways that I could get my hands on it, but when I saw the mosh pit that was forming in front of it, I decided it wouldn't be worth the risk :)
Lindsey has the really good pictures of us in our box but here is what I could get from my phone