Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 months

They love each other so much :)

As you can see, Isabella is growing bigger and bigger. She is so much fun and I love waking up to her smiling face every morning. Abby can't get enough of her little sister too. Most of the time I have to tell her to give Bella some space b/c she loves to get right up to her face and smother her :) Some things that Bella is doing now are:
She plays copy cat. If I stick out my tongue, make noises with my lips, or get wide eyed and raise my eyebrows, she will do the same.

She HAS to fall asleep with her entire arm over her face. She does NOT like the sunlight in her eyes when she's tired.

She absolutely loves baths now. It took her a while to get used to but she will kick and splash when she gets in her tub and she LOVES have warm water poured on her belly.

If she doesn't have her binky, she will stick almost her whole fist in her mouth! pretty impressive :)
Abby is almost writing her name by herself. This picture was with minimal assistance (me placing the marker on the board so she knows where each new letter starts)


Frazier Family said...

Wow! Your kids are getting huge! I love the top family picture. You all look amazing!

Isaac Family said...

She's so big Kimmie! What a doll. Your kids are cute as can be!

The Becks said...

I can't believe how big Isabella is! Your family pic at the top of your blog is sooooooo cute!!

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sampetrova said...

really awesome.
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shikha said...

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The Becks said...

Kimmie! Where have you gone!? I need an update of you and your family! :) Miss you girl!

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