Monday, December 8, 2008

My first Gingerbread House!

Our neighbors and good friends, the Smyth Family, invited us over for some yummy dinner and activities. They surprised us with the gingerbread houses that we got to decorate. I did the icing and Jesse decorated with the candy. I was so proud of our little house :) After we were done, Jesse and Adam ate all the extra icing by sqweezing it straight into their mouths. Lindsey, who is prego with twinners, was not amuzed and looked like she was going to blow chunks. We then went downstairs where we played Taboo while Abby watched Nemo (again) and Gunner (Adam and Lindsey's son) ran around and demonstrated his leaping abilities from sofa to sofa :) Thanks for the good times Smyth's!


Hailstorm said...

Hey great job on the house. My gingerbread houses always just look like a bunch of mush thrown onto something that might look like a house.