Monday, December 8, 2008

Palmer Salon

In preparation for going to Florida this Saturday, I decided to get my hair done. My friend Lindsey is a very talented beautician and did an awesome job. I've always wanted my hair to look like Shakira's when she had red low lights in her hair. I figured that I already had the outrageous curly hair so might as well give it a shot. Lindsey's hubby, Nate, came to help and keep Jesse company. Nate has done Lindsey's hair for her a few times and I must say I was impressed :) Here are some pictures to document my adventures!

she had to bleach some of my hair first before putting the red in so my hair looked really funny after the bleaching was done.

Ummm....ya I don't think i could ever make it as a blond!
The Palmer Salon at work!
Jesse getting his hair did :) It looked SOOOO good afterwards. Pictures of my hottie hubby coming soon!
It took me forever to get a picture where you can see the red...these 2 are the best I could do.
Thanks for doing such a great job Linds! Love ya !


Nate & Lindsey said...

You are so welcome! We had fun and we love coming visit the Clark household! Love you guys