Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my daddy's birthday and I just wanted to tell everyone a little bit about him. I have the greatest memories of my dad, mostly on the soccer field. He was the most supportive dad and my number one fan. I don't remember one gane that I had where he was not there. He took me to all my soccer games growing up and he was definitely the loudest. It is funny how your perspectives change as you grow up. When I was younger, I thought my dad was goofy and embarrassed me all the time with his loud vocals at my games. Now it is one of my fondest memories of him. Even when I went to college, he still attended all the games that he could. I went to the University of South Florida in Tampa, but he would still make drives to almost every college in Florida. I even remember him driving over 4 hours to see me play in Miami. Although he didn't necessarily agree with my decision to transfer to BYU, he still managed to fly out for my birthday, which happened to be inbetween 2 of my soccer games. He flew to BYU both years that I played to see some of my games. One of the memories that has stick with me the most is when I finished playing soccer in high school. We had this grand banquet because we had won the state championship and at the end of the banquet, my dad presented me with a scrapbook that he himself had made. There were pictures of me playing soccer starting when I was 4 or 5 years old, and he had cut out every newspaper clipping that I had appeared on, pasted every patch (which was probably close to 30), and cut out every action shot of my career up until then. Later he added everything that he could get his hands on that had my name or picture on it from high school. He recently came to Utah for Abby's birthday and had the chance to watch me play in a alumni game. He was just as excited to watch me play in that game then in any other game I have played. Dad, I don't tell you often enough but I am so grateful to have had you be my father. You have been my biggest support and number one fan in everything that I do. I know I have always complained about not having a sister growing up but now that I am older, I'm kind if glad that I didn't. I am daddy's little girl and I would not have wanted to share you with another girl :) I love you so much! Have a wonderful day Daddy :)

(unfortunately, I didn't have any photos with me and my daddy on my computer so here are pics of him and his SECOND favorite person :) haha!)


Jaimelee and Steven Holm said...

That made me cry!! WOW! What a great Daddy!

Alexa said...
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