Monday, April 20, 2009

Mom and Dad's Visit

I really have the best parents in the world. Every April and October, they make it to Utah for me and Abby's birthdays.
They got here on the 3rd at 8pm and we stayed up for a few hours talking and watching Abby booty dance. They then opened their suitcases and revealed all the wonderful treats that they brought for us from Florida. They only stayed 10 days but they packed like they were moving b/c they always bring us a TON of stuff whenever they come. This time, the bought us new dishes, they brought my favorite Portuguese food, and they brought what they thought was a waffle maker for Jesse, but when he opened it, he found a Christmas decoration. My mom forgot that she used that box for Christmas storage..HAHA! We laughed for a good 5 minutes then my mom felt really bad because she knew Jesse was excited for it. Jesse and I were still laughing about it when we went to bed :)
The next day, Abby's 2nd birthday, my mom and I went shopping for her birthday party. With her birthday falling on Conference weekend, we decided to have a party for her primary friends in between sessions (for my non LDS readers, Conference is every 6 months where we get to see/hear our church leaders give inspirational messages.) Abby was overjoyed to see all her friends at her house!
We had the family party on Sunday, again, in between sessions of Conference. She loved her birthday cake which was the Disney Princesses. Her favorite princess is Ariel and she flipped out when she saw her on it. Personally, I don't know what she sees in her. She is immediately smitten by Eric and shows no sense of independence or sass. My favorite is Jasmine, now that girl can stand up for herself!
I had to work Monday-Wednesday so my parents were happy to take Abby. Jesse had Monday and Tuesday off so he went shopping with them and took Abby to the park. On Wednesday night, my parents and Jesse met me in Centerville (where I work) to watch 2 indoor soccer games that I played in. Considering my parents haven't seen me play since my days at BYU, I was a little nervous. I had actually been training for about a month beforehand for this occasion and my alumni game.
Thursday we drove down to the St. George home with Bonnie and Jerry. We stopped in Filmore to have a late brunch. It was awesome because the 2 hour drive that we took from Salt Lake created a drastic change in temperature so we were all very happy. Jesse of course called for a golfing time the day before so within 30 minutes of us getting there, Jesse, Jerry, my dad, and I were on our way to the course. Bonnie, my mom, and Abby went on a walk and took Abby to the park where she apparently made some friends with kids who were twice her size going down a slide.
Friday was the highlight of my parents trip. We drove down to the St. George home with Bonnie and Jerry and went to Zion's National Park. My parents couldn't take enough pictures of it! My dad, bless his heart, still has a 35mm camera that takes the roll films and ran out half way through the trip, so, Jerry and I took the rest with out wonderful digital cameras and their 300+ photo capacities :) We hiked the Narrows, Weeping falls, and Emerald pond.
Saturday morning we went to a Easter egg hunt that the city was putting on for all the kids. My friend Jaime, who lives there, told me about it and Abby had a blast. Jaime brought her son Hudson with her and Abby was immediately smitten. Granted it was only the second time they have ever met, she wasn't shy to give him her signature tongue kiss :) It really was like a scene from a movie watching them run into the open field together holding hands. We left St. George right after that so that I could get back to Provo for my alumni game.
It was so great to see all my friends again and kick the ball around. We had so many alumni show up that we could play a full 11 v 11 game with just the alumni (the current team played 2 games earlier that day). My team won 2-0! I know it is strange, but I felt so great looking down at my shins and seeing them scratched up and bruised again. I felt a sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt since I stopped playing :) After the game, there was a dinner that we went to and they showed old film clips and photos where we reminisced of the glory days. Good times!
Easter Sunday, My parents went to church with us and they got to see Abby in her primary class playing and singing songs. For dinner, we took some yummy food that my Mom made over to Bonnie and Jerry's and met the family. We also did our traditional Easter basket hunt. Jesse, being the punk that he is, put his parents basket on the roof of the house. It was pretty entertaining however watching Jerry get a pole and fish it from the roof :)
My parents left on Monday morning and Abby was so sad to see them leave. When they left the car at the airport, she cried for a good 10 minutes screaming "Nina!!" and "Vovo!!" (both of those being Portuguese nicknames for grandma and grandpa).
Thank you Mom and Dad for coming to spend time with us! We love you and miss you already!


Jaimelee and Steven Holm said...

It was soo fun seeing you! You sound like you have amazing parents! I am glad you got to do all that fun stuff! Huddy and Abby are destined to be lovers! haha! Those pics are soo cute!