Monday, April 26, 2010

First Doctor's visit

I had been dreading taking Isabella to the doctor ever since she was born. For the first 2 years of life, almost every doctor's visit involves shots. It was time for Isabella's second PKU test (aka the heel prick test). Within 2 weeks she had grown to 9lbs 5oz. She was still 20 inches long. She was such a trooper during the test. I also wanted to mention our new Dr. We love Dr. Bosworth, who was recommended by one of my bestie's aunts. He specializes in child respiratory issues which is perfect b/c our last doctor didn't have a clue why Abby was always getting sick in the winter time and having a cough that sounded like she had been smoking for 20 years. Horay for good doctors! Here is cute little Bella before the doctor's appointment.