Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter and Abby's Birthday

Our neighbors were nice enough to host a Easter egg hunt in between Saturday's conference sessions. Of course it was FREEZING because Utah doesn't understand that it's not supposed to snow in the spring time! Abby still had a blast with all of her friends.

Sunday morning I took my Mom to a Easter Mass at a Catholic church in town. We met up with Josh and Alexza. When we got home, we went to work on cooking for Easter dinner. My mom made a delicious Portuguese dish and dessert. We went to Jesse's parents house and had our basket hunt. Jesse as always was the first to find our basket since he knew every hiding spot in the house :) After dinner we had Abby's birthday cake. We got a strawberry cake from Cold Stone and it was probably the best ice cream cake I have ever had!
Abby got some wonderful presents from the family as well. Auntie Rachel got her these Disney figurines that Abby LOVES, Uncle Josh and Auntie Alexza got her some awesome converse shoes, and Grandma and Grandpa got her a brand new dress (that also included a mini one for the new baby). Grandpa had one last surprise for Abby. He had built her a crib to put her dolls in. Abby of course loved it! Thanks to everyone for making her birthday so special!

Flying a kite with Papa
Due in 12 days!
Our awesome basket!

Opening presents with DaddyShowing Nina her new doll
Yummy ice cream cake!
New shoes
Disney figurines
The crib her Papa built for her
Showing off her Disney Princess Birthday girl pin :)